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Why buy Property in Crete?

1. Are there many people buying property in Crete? How is the market in Crete evolving?
Crete has proven over the last years to be one of the more popular destinations for Europeans that seek a holiday home , a retirement home, or an investment property. Demand for the island is increasing at a rapid rate..

2.What makes a property in Crete so desirable, compared to properties in other destinations and countries?
Crete and living in Crete has many advantages. The most significant are the following:
a. The climate: Winters without hazardous road conditions , no freezing fog or black ice and summers without rain. Not to mention clear blue skies , spectacular sunrises and sunsets and brilliant star and moonlit nights. Owning a property in Crete manes having access to all of the above.
b. The diverse landscape and environment. Lovely beaches majestic mountain peaks , some of them capped with snow until early June, immersive gorges, hidden caves , ancient sites , picturesque and literally untouched villages of character and tradition.
c. The cost of living. Studies indicate that the cost of living in Crete is about 30% lower than Cyprus , when Cyprus is 30% lower than Spain and Portugal. Over the above the lower cost of living every prospevtive buyer is amazed when he discovers how expensive prime real property in Crete is.
d. The low crime rate. As per official data, 3% of the UK, 2% of Spain and Portugal, 8% of Ireland.
e. Part of an EU member country.
Apart from all other benefits, the process of buying a property in Crete is very easy for EU citizens.
f. The warmth and hospitality of the Cretans. Crete is world famous for its friendly, helpful people.

...The list can go on and on...

3. Regarding buying a property in Crete, which other destinations are considered direct competitors?
Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal are far too expensive, far too crowed and far too touristy. Turkey is far too volatile and it will remain so for a number of years to come, especially after the recent events in the Muslim world. Malta is far too small. Florida is far too far. Cyprus is the only competitor that Crete has: the same people , Greek, the same climate, the same culture, the same size as an island although more expensive and a little bit more far away.


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